“For over a year now I have been on a hunt to find my little guy the perfect product to tame his curls and his frizz.  I have finally found it this is some really good stuff I have tried so many diff products and in the end it all leaves his hair looking greasy and I don’t like that my son is biracial with very curly hair, but very soft textured hair. I am so happy to find this amazing stuff it’s kinda like a gel, but not your typical gel. It’s more like silk gel great stuff


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JAN 13 - Quinoa Conditioner Featured Product - NaturallyCurly

The 10 Best Cuts for Curly Hair_ Hair Ideas_ allure.com – OCT 2012

In July 2012, our Soya Shampoo was featured by the CurlKit subscription service!

U R Curly is JUICY APPROVED! Thank you Juicy Magazine!


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